Outstanding Antique Circa 1910-20s Era Commercial Beaux Arts Lantern


This is a one of a kind find! You can only image the office, theater or apartment building where this once hung. The lantern is all original and the finish has been meticulously restored. It features a 6 bulb cluster in the center suitable for LEDs or high wattage bulbs. The 12 edison lights surrounding the bottom of the lantern give an amazing glow and add a layer of history and character. We can alter the length of the lantern to suit your space.
    • Original Finish
    • INSIDE- 60 Watts Max x 6
    • OUSTIDE- 60 Watts Max x 12
    • A19 Edison base
    • 81" Total Length - Can Be Shortened or Lengthened
    • 18" Width
    • approved

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