WhyCSA approved lighting in toronto CSA Certification Matters

Other companies may use CSA components but are they Certified? We are the only company in Canada that carries the CSA Certification on all of Ceiling Lighting and Wall Lighting. From Antique Chandeliers to Custom Wall Sconces, the certification is not only a symbol of safety but of quality and commitment.


There is no higher standard in Canada than CSA and when you purchase a CSA certified product from us, you are purchasing the highest level of quality and safety.

CSA and the U.S.A


For American clients, cCSAus certification is comparable to UL and is accredited and recognized in the U.S.A


Did you know?


As per ESA regulations, Electricians will not install lighting that is not certified by a safety authority?


That means that the chandelier you like in that out of the way antique shop cannot be installed in your newly renovated house. You may think you're getting a deal but after having it rewired, it may have cost more than a fully restored fixture from us.

Have a fixture in need of updating?


Other companies may use CSA approved wiring but will not certify the fixture. No CSA sticker means no way. We will do it right as all of our rewired ceiling and wall lights are CSA Approved and feature the CSA sticker on either the backplate or canopy.