Teapot Chandeliers and Silverware Lights

How cool are these!?!

About 15 years ago we made our first Teapot chandelier for a client who couldn't figure out what to do with all of their old silverware. When we suggested that they make a chandelier out of them they were thrilled with the idea and even more with the end result. Over the years, we have designed and crafted chandeliers and sconces for loft spaces, breakfast nooks, dining rooms and restaurants. Lights have been as small as 24" in diameter and as massive as 6' in diameter 7' in length. We've sourced antique silver and hollow ware sets from across North America and love blending interesting pieces into the chandeliers.

If you are interested in having a chandelier commissioned, this is how we do it! If you are interested in having a teapot fixture made, please contact us today to learn more about pricing, timing and details.
antique hollow ware tea pots

Choose Your Silverware


Pick some signature pieces to incorporate into the chandelier. We have a wide range of antique teapots, coffeepots and samovars that make excellent impact pieces. We'll fill out the rest (cream & sugar servers etc.) to compliment the ones you've chosen.
custom chandeliers

Pick a Lighting Style/Form


With over 100 custom lights in the showroom, we have huge range of jigs, arms, center bodies and details to form your teapot chandelier. By choosing the form of one of our custom lights, it acts as a launch pad to the size, scale and shape of the chandelier.
teapot chandelier

Make it


This the fun part and the part we enjoy the most. The accumulation of ideas, elements and designs are brought to life. We hand make all of the center body components, bend the arms and meticulously fit the silverware into the form of a chandelier. Once the mock up is made we invite you in to check it out. You get a one time adjustment period to ask us questions and make any small tweaks and changes before its finished.
teapot chandelier

Enjoy Your Light!


This is now your favourite part as you get to take the fixture home, have it installed and enjoy the fruit of our joint labour. All of our chandeliers are CSA approved too so not only do you have a one of a kind piece but one of the highest safety standards as well.


Check out a small sample size of some of the chandeliers and wall sconces that we have made in the past.

teapot wall lights teapot chandelier
teapot chandelier teapot wall light
teapot chandelier teapot chandelier