Colonial House - St. John's Newfoundland

In 2022 we were hired to restore the original 1850s gasoliers in Colonial House. As part of a 10 year restoration of one of Newfoundland's most historic buildings, the chandeliers were to be completed as part of Newfoundland's "Come Home" celebration. 

Circa 1914 photo of the Legislative Assembly


2022 Image of the chandelier pre restoration


1914 photo of the Council Chamber Chandelier

colonial building lighting


2022 of the chandelier pre restoration


The chandeliers were removed by is in Feb 2022 and shipping to our Toronto workshop for restoration. We cataloged each individual component and made an extensive list of repairs and pieces to be sand cast in replacement of lost original parts. The chandeliers were in very condition for their age as they only experienced modest "restoration" work over the years. Based on past restorations, we had a suspicion that the original finish was underneath the gold paint due to the poor painting job. This proved right and we received permission from the Newfoundland heritage board to restore the original finish.


Once the gold paint was removed, we restored the original bronze/brass finish to its 1850s state. It took over 120 hours to complete the restoration of the finish alone. It was well worth the effort as the original finish came out beautifully.






The chandeliers were shipped back to St. John's and installed in the summer of 2022 and it took 4 days to hand and dress them. Because the Colonial Building dates from the 1850s, the doorways were too narrow to bring the fixtures in assembled. We had to partially disassemble them to get them through the doors and put them back together on the ceiling.


1850s gasolier
colonial building chandelier



After a 10 year + restoration of the building, the Colonial Building opened to the public and Sept 2022. We could not have completed this wonderful and historically important project if it weren't for the fine people at Redwood Construction who's hard work and assistance helped make this project possible. We also want to thank the department of Arts, Culture and Tourism for entrusting us with this monumental restoration. Lastly, we would like to thank the people of Newfoundland. We are forever indebted to you for your kindness, hospitality and for allowing us to restore part of your history.