Mayfair Building - Toronto

We were hired to restore the 4 original exterior lanterns of Toronto's landmark Art Deco Mayfair Apartments. Along with the restoration of the originals, we had to make 2 replicas for for the side entrance.


The original sconces had hung on Avenue Road for over 90 years. When they were removed for restoration many glass panels were broken and the lights were homes to various spiders and bees. In order to restore them we had to take each one apart, replace all the steel components with brass and restore the original finish. One lantern went to the foundry to be recast in brass.


Once all the pieces were cast, we had to machine them out to fit and clean up the rough edges for finishing.  We had to match them to the originals and recreated the aging process from 90 years to 1 day.





Before Patina

 After Patina


The original glass was sourced and the lights were fitted with long life LEDs that could easily be changed. The patina finish is a live finish so it will mellow and bloom with the seasons.