lighting commission services for commerical and residential lighting
If you can't find it in our inventory, chances are we can make it. With a full service workshop and access to thousands of resources, we have successfully crafted lighting based on client sketches, renderings or even abstract ideas. We're fluent in the language of lighting and design and here are just a few projects we're proud of.

custom lights for hollywood roosevelt in los angeles


The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is a Hollywood landmark. We were fortunate enough craft a set of custom flush mount and chandeliers fusing contemporary lines with the romanticism of yesteryear. Designed in New York by a Willie Landau Interiors, we were commissioned to make the lights based on their specs and drawings. The result was a stunning series of lights which are truly one of a kind.


custom hand made antique teapot chandelier for private residence in bermuda

We've been known to create some interesting and unusual lighting in our day and there is none we are more proud of than this Custom Teapot Chandelier. Spanning 6 feet in length and 5 feet in width, it was a collaborative design between us and an international Interior Designer. Incorporating over 120 years of silverware, details and aesthetic history abounds on this fixture. It was designed and created in just under a year and was disassembled, shipped and installed once it arrived in Bermuda.


Teapot chandeliers are a unique addition to any space where you want to do something a little different. If you are interested in having one made, please contact us for more info.

gas lantern cabbagetown toronto Sitting proudly on the front of a Cabbagetown house, this custom gas wall lamp was crafted by us based on the proportions and details of original lamps from the period. Made of solid brass, everything was handmade, bent, spun and finished in our workshops. Even though we are not in the business of fitting lamps for gas, the homeowner and us worked in conjunction with Consumer's Gas to have it operating safely and to code.
handmade lanterns toronto Situated on St. George Rd in Toronto's famed Annex neighbourhood, the First Church of Christian Scientist has been a prominent fixture there since 1914. We were commissioned to craft 3 exterior lanterns based off the architects design. They needed to be solid brass and able to withstand the elements under any conditions. The end result was spectacular and the lanterns fit perfectly. A light opalescent glass was chosen for the panels and each lamp is illuminated with LEDs to ensure longevity, energy savings and reduced maintenance costs.