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August Updates

26 August, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

It's been an exciting August for us here and although we've been quiet on the blog front we've been busy in the shop!


Here's a teaser as to what's going on with more posts to follow soon.


Restoration Destination


Currently we have 2 large scale restorations taking place right now. The first is a commercial project in Ancaster for the lighting at Old Town Hall. A local landmark and architectural gem, the City of Hamilton contacted us to restore the existing chandeliers, add more lighting in to the hall via LEDs and design complimentary lighting for the stage area. Due to the size and historic nature of the chandeliers, we have been dutifully working away at bringing them back to life while updating them for LED lighting as part of our green initiative.









The second project is kind of a love affair as it involves beautiful historic chandeliers in a beautiful historic Toronto home. We were contacted to remove many period and original chandeliers from the clients home for restoration. In most cases clients will bring the lighting fixtures to us but in this case, due to fragility of the crystal chandeliers, we went on site to remove them. This included taking them down from the ceiling, taking apart and labeling and packing them onsite. Stunning to begin with, we can't wait to see the chandeliers restored and the reaction the homeowners have to seeing back in in situ.


Along with these, we are also working on some great client goods ranging from Art Deco floor lamps to a set of original European wall sconces from a Toronto house.





LEDs and Vintage Lighting


Our LED filament lightbulbs are a hit and we've had to up our supply to keep with the demand. And why wouldn't they be a hit? Same light quality as an incandescent, greater brightness, 90% energy savings and 10 times the longevity.


As our ongoing commitment to energy savings, we've been steadily retrofitting our 2300 sq ft showroom with LED bulbs. The difference is striking when you walk in. Greater light, sharper highlights and less of an environmental impact. Loving it all around!


New arrivals


New Stock abounds and we've got some great lighting in from different eras. An amazing 1870s gasolier is one of the highlights and one we have't seen for a long time. Restored with its French Bronze finish and antique shades, its a showstopper in the front of the showroom. Victorian gas lighting and Mid Century modern lighting seem to be the most popular this summer which is great. 2 distinct eras and styles all under one roof. Our new arrivals page is always updated and there's going to be a lot coming up in September!




New Designs


We've been hard at work letting our collective imaginations run wild and have some new designs to show for it!



There's more to come on that front and we're excited to debut them in the fall. All made in house, by hand, they'll add to our expansive line of custom lighting.



LED filaments bulbs: The future of decorative home lighting

09 June, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

The increasing ban on 60 and 100 watt incandescent bulbs has shaken up the lighting industry in a big way. Although they can still be found in big box stores, those bulbs won't be around for long and the replacements have been........let's just say........awful.


Till now.


2015 has seen the dramatic rise of LED filament bulbs reflecting a huge breakthrough in light bulb technology. When you think LED bulb, you think clunky bulbs with white/blue light that sometimes dim and cost a fortune.


Not in this case.


The LED filament bulb combines the the traditional aesthetics, light quality and dimming capabilities of an incandescent light bulb with modern LED technology. Instead of having a bulky aluminum heat sink, the diodes are spread out similar to filaments in a regular light bulb. This disperses the heat so that it's not centralized in one area and there is no need for a heat sink. The light quality is outstanding at 2200K and 2700K and they are available in both a “vintage style” for Edison bulbs lovers and a regular A19 style.


Here's the best part though.


The energy consumption........or lack there off.


A 7 Watt LED is the equivalent of a 60 Watt incandescent bulb.


led filament bulb torontoThat's over 8 times the energy savings! Coupled with the fact that it lasts for 30000 hours (average) compared to 3000 hours, its lifespan is really measured in years....not hours.We're early adapters of these bulbs as we believe in them.

With massive energy savings, recyclable materials and a long lifespan, their impact on the environment and your utilities budget is too good to pass up.

The starting cost on them is very reasonable all things considered. They do not compare with the $1.99 hardware store special bulbs but at $25 per bulb, the upfront cost is worth it for huge long term savings. All of our bulbs are cUL approved and available in various wattage and styles.


Whether you look to upgrade now or late, the future is inevitable and these bulbs are a huge part of it.


Check out what we have on display and available in our showroom